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Accurate, fast, reproducible, & affordable, identifications via MALDI-TOF are saving our customers money & time.


To provide the most library breadth and depth and the latest taxonomy, the MALDI-TOF library will be updated September, 2014. This update includes:

   o   New strains, species, and genera

   o   Strengthened entries and increased library diversity

   o   Updated taxonomy

   o   More than 1000 new library entries

The new library will be implemented immediately following validation and is anticipated to be available for customer samples by September 19, 2014. Please contact our Quality Assurance/Compliance Manager at with any questions.


MIDI Labs has 25+ years providing accurate & reliable contract microbiology services for pharmaceutical, agri-bio, nutraceutical, personal care, & research industries. We provide fast, affordable, and complete answers using cutting-edge technologies and cGMP practices.


Our services include:

   o    Identification of bacteria, yeast & fungi via:

       •    DNA Sequencing (genotypic method)

       •    MALDI-TOF (protein expression method)

       •    Fatty Acid Analysis (phenotypic method)

       •    Confirmatory testing

   o    Enumeration of live-culture and lyophilized samples


MIDI Labs libraries are extensive, carefully validated, use current taxonomy, and are continuously updated. Our stringent reporting criteria and polyphasic capabilities give our customers complete and accurate results.


Expert staff scientists are available for your inquiries during business hours and custom requests are welcome. Please contact us with your questions or for a customized quote.


Have confidence in your answers. Choose MIDI Labs.


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