Your trusted source for complete microbial identification


MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization-Time of Flight) is an extremely affordable & reliable bacterial identification method.  Based on mass spectrometry, ribosomal proteins are analyzed and compared to two proprietary libraries for a match. 


Distinct advantages of MIDI Labs MALDI-TOF identifications are:


  • We're confident in our library! Library Guarantee: for any sample receiving a "No Match" by MALDI-TOF analysis we will perform DNA sequencing and provide the sequencing identification report at no additional cost to the customer.** 

  • MIDI Labs utilizes an improved identification algorithm based on our more than a quarter century experience in microbial identification.

MIDI Labs regularly updates our proprietary MALDI-TOF library with strains based on our customers’ needs to improve our matching capabilities. Routinely used for the identification of probiotics, veterinary, environmental and clinical isolates, we can easily add strains that are important to you, please ask.  MIDI Labs strives to provide our customers with the most accurate and complete identifications possible complemented with personalized customer service.

MIDI Labs is using MALDI Library v.081213.