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Polyphasic Analysis

Polyphasic Analysis

Occasionally fatty acid analysis and DNA sequencing can individually yield ambiguous or no-match results for identification. In such cases polyphasic analysis - combined fatty acid and DNA sequencing analysis - can provide additional information and produce a definitive identification.


The key benefits of polyphasic analysis are:


  • Confirmation of a definitive match resulting from one technique.

  • Resolution of a non-match; a second technique can yield a definitive match in cases where the first technique gives no identification.

  • Resolution of an inconclusive match; a second technique can yield a definitive match in cases where the first technique gives multiple possible identifications.

MIDI Labs is the first laboratory to offer polyphasic analysis for microbial identification. With a combined phenotypic and genotypic approach, polyphasic analysis provides you with the most thorough and reliable results.

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June 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018


To continuously improve our services to you, the MALDI-TOF library will be updated June 2018.

This update includes:

  • New strains, species, and genera

  • Strengthened entries and increased library diversity

  • Updated taxonomy

  • More than 1500 new library entries

The new library will be implemented immediately following validation and is anticipated to be available for customer samples by June 30, 2018. Please contact the Quality Assurance/Compliance Manager at with any questions.

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