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MALDI-TOF DNA sequencing and fatty acid analysis


MIDI Labs is the expert in Identification services: DNA Sequencing, MALDI-TOF, Fatty Acid Analysis, Biochemical tests, and microscopy. We are your one stop source for total Identification.


  • DNA Sequencing ID: Bacteria, Yeast & Fungi
  • MALDI-TOF ID: Bacteria
  • FAME ID: Bacteria &Yeast
  • Polyphasic ID (DNA + FAME): Bacteria & Yeast
  • Dual ID (DNA and MALDI-TOF): Bacteria
  • Expert ID

    Unsure about services? Our experts will contact you to discuss the best methods for identification.

  • Same Day*

    sample reports delivered on the same business day by 5pm.

  • Next Day

    sample reports delivered on the next business day by 5pm.

  • Two Day
  • Weekend**
  • Standard turnaround time is 3 business days and applies to pure cultures
  • TPC (aerobic and anaerobic)
  • TPC with ID
  • Direct FAME Analysis
  • PLFA (soil) Analysis
  • Morphology
  • Gram Stain (confirmatory)
  • Biochemical or Coagulase Test (confirmatory)
  • Strain Tracking via Dendrogram

* Requires 8am delivery, samples received after 8am will be reported within 24hrs of receipt. For DNA sequencing ID only.

** Please contact lab for availability


Microbial Identification based on gene sequencing has become the quintessential tool for microbiologists. For example, taxonomy found within the second edition of Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology is based on 16S rRNA gene sequence data. MIDI Labs offers 16S and 28S gene sequencing for identification using Applied Biosystem’s MicroSeq® system. As co-developer of MicroSeq’s® microbial libraries, MIDI labs has more experience than any other laboratory. This experience and software development expertise gives us the edge in resolving issues concerning sequencing and report interpretation.


MALDI-TOF is a newer, faster, and less expensive identification tool for microbiologists that are concerned about identification that may not require DNA sequencing data. MIDI Labs offers bacteria identification services using Bruker Daltronics MALDI Biotyper® and MIDI Sherlock® MALDI-TOF software with our custom developed report interpretation algorithms.


In an effort to remain one step ahead of the competition MIDI Labs now uses Sherlock® DNA software for Sequencing data analysis along with Sherlock®Microbial Identification Software for Fatty Acid Analysis. By combining the results from both technologies we have the ability to produce polyphasic reports; two technologies, one report.

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