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For instructions on packaging samples for shipment, please see "Shipping Instructions". Any questions? Please contact us, we're happy to help.


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Shipping Instructions

1.     Cultures must be pure and have adequate growth.  MIDI Labs accepts agar plates, slants, broths, powders, capsules, filter plates, DNA extracts, ethanol preps, etc. Note: International customers must contact us prior to shipment for instructions, see Terms & Conditions.

2.     Label samples with a Customer Sample Code.

3.     Samples must have primary and secondary containment with absorbent material if liquid.

According to MIDI Labs USDA/APHIS PPQ 526 Permit to Receive Unknown Biological Agents:  Isolates must be in a securely closed, watertight primary container (e.g. test tube or parafilmed petri dish).  A secondary, durable, watertight container must be used (e.g. Ziploc bag).  Multiple primary containers may be placed into a single secondary container.  If liquids are being sent then the space between the primary and secondary containers must have sufficient absorbent material (e.g. paper towels) to absorb the entire contents of the primary container(s).  Samples must then be enclosed in an outer shipping container of corrugated fiberboard, corrugated cardboard or other sturdy container of equivalent strength. 


4.     Include a completed Sample Submission Form from our website with the samples.

5.     Send samples via priority overnight.  If they are Same Day or Next Day Priority samples, customers must specify an 8:00AM EST delivery (e.g. FedEx First Overnight or UPS Early AM) in order to receive results by 5:00PM EST.  Same Day Priority MALDI-TOF samples must be sent in the form of an ethanol prep.

6. Send packages to:
MIDI Labs, Inc.
125 Sandy Drive
Newark, DE 19713
(800)276-8068 or (302)737-4297  

Terms & Conditions

1. Saturday Deliveries
MIDI Labs accepts sample deliveries for processing on Saturdays in an effort to provide faster turnaround time for critical samples.  Please request Saturday Delivery when shipping the samples.  Additional fees apply for weekend priority turnaround; call for details.

2. International Customers
Please note that we can only accept cultures that have been prepared with ethanol from outside the United States as the USDA prohibits the import of live cultures.  Please contact MIDI Labs prior to shipment for special instructions.

3. Turnaround Time
Standard turnaround time is three business days for samples that are pure culture and have suitable growth for analysis.  A day is defined as a 24-hour window.  Samples received after 2:00PM EST will be processed on the next business day and the time to results adjusted accordingly.

4. Sample Reports
Sample reports are exclusively emailed.  Any questions may be sent to

5. Organism Restrictions
Please note that we cannot accept Class III pathogens ( ag_selectagent/index.shtml).  Please ship all other known or suspected pathogens as mandated by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (42, CFR part 72).  MIDI Labs is not a clinical lab and does not accept direct specimens of human or animal tissue.

No person may knowingly transport or cause to be transported in interstate traffic, directly or indirectly, any material including but not limited to, diagnostic specimens and biological productions which such person reasonably believe may contain an etiologic agent unless such material is packaged to withstand leakage of contents, shocks, pressure changes, and other conditions incident to ordinary handling in transportation.

6. Return of Samples

Per USDA-APHIS, samples may not be returned to customers. Please sub-culture any organisms that you wish to retain prior to submitting to MIDI Labs.